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Plutt (pronounced ‘ploot’) comes from the love for my kids, inspiration from my progressive new home town, memories from my childhood and a newfound passion for Scandinavian culture.

My Swedish husband and I moved from Chile to San Francisco, California in 2012, where our first baby boy Leon was born. I soon found myself interested in natural clothing for kids. Amazing San Francisco, my friendly new home town where people can't seem to get enough of natural and organic, was definitely the right place to be.

Born and raised in Chile, I saw my fair share of alpacas and its spitting cousin the llama. I just loved how cute and funny they look. As kids we often wore alpaca clothing in the winter and I loved its warm soft natural fiber too. 

On vacation in Sweden in the summer of 2014, just days before we’d find out that we were expecting our second baby, I found my inspiration for Plutt. At an exhibition of Scandinavian Design for Kids, I realized how important Scandinavia had been for developing products that were awesome for kids. Furniture that was functional for kids. Toys that were educational, playful and beautiful. Exceptional playgrounds for kids. Unisex clothing that looked like something a kid would want to wear. 

I knew I wanted to bring all of this together. Amazing natural fibers from The Andes and the beautiful Scandinavian design, with the highest quality for the ones I love the most. And Plutt -meaning ‘little person’ in Swedish- was born in early 2015, just weeks before Lukas! 

Here they are, my 2 favorite persons wearing two of my favorite pieces from our very first collection ever! :-)



Alessandra, founder.